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Specialised Insurance

No matter how niche of a field that you work in or manage we can create a specialised package to best suit your requirements.

Our Specialised Services

Trade Credit

Aqua & Marine

Caravan Park

Contractors & Trades

Medical Indemnity

Trade Credit Insurance

Trade credit insurance (credit insurance, debtor’s credit protection) is an insurance policy taken by a Business to cover losses arising from events that prevent their ‘business to business’ customer paying the full amount of debt.

Aqua & Marine Culture Insurance

If you are an operator of a marine farm, our Aqua & Marine insurance is designed to help protect you from economic loss caused by claims of property damage or bodily injury.

Our policy covers both fish and shellfish aquaculture as well as other types of marine farming, including the cultivation of algae and microorganisms.

We can provide coverage for almost any type of aquatic/marine farms, including oysters, mussels, and abalone producers.

Caravan Park Insurance

If you operate a Caravan Park or Campground there is always a possibility of a guest alleging your negligence caused them an injury, or damaged their property.

It is important that you have appropriate insurance in place for your Caravan Park or Campground so you can make sure you can handle the financial strain of such incidents.

Contractors & Trade Insurances

As a tradie, your job centres around three essentials: your workmanship, your tools, and your vehicle.

Since you work for yourself, it’s important that you take the time to protect your business and its assets in the event of a legal claim for compensation, loss, theft or accidental damage.