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Personal Insurance

LML insurance has a range of personal insurance packages and we tailor-make packages to suit your needs. Contact us today.

Personal Insurance

Car & Motor

Home & Contents



Car & Motor Insurance

LML Insurance Group can assist you in finding the best policy to protect your family or business vehicle.

We will find the right coverage at the best possible price for that cover. Our experience allows us to provide excellent service and we smooth out the claims process on your behalf.

Home & Contents

Home and contents insurance is there to protect homeowners financially from a given insured event where that the property and/or its contents have been damaged or stolen.

Types of Cover

There are different types of insurance policies that best fit the level of protection you are looking for, be it Listed Events Cover or, for additional coverage and benefits, Accidental Damage Cover.

Home & Contents Insurance

Home insurance primarily covers the main structure(s) of your home or property. It is designed to cover physical structures that make up your home.

Contents Insurance is designed to cover the valuables within the home in the event that they are damaged or stolen.


What is Landlord Insurance?

The landlord’s insurance policy is designed to cover similar aspects to the home or building insurance policy, while also including specific risk aspects related to renting out a property.

Landlord insurance policies are specifically designed to financially protect property owners when they rent out their investment properties.

Pleasure Craft

Owning a boat is a common occurrence in Australia with over 90% of Australian’s living within 100km from the ocean.

It is important to protect this asset from any unforeseen accidents or issues that may occur. At LML Insurance group we tailor a policy that will best suit your needs.

Types of Marine Property:

  • Boat
  • Motors
  • Trailer
  • Sails, masts, spars, standing & running rigging
  • Listed boat accessories and safety gear
  • Personal effects