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What is Home & Contents Insurance?

Home and contents insurance is there to protect homeowners financially id a given insured event that the property and/or its contents have been damaged or stolen.

Types of Cover

There are several different types of insurance policies that can ensure the best fit the level of cover you are looking for.

Home Insurance

The home insurance primarily covers the main structure of your home or property. If the property is damaged by a given insured event such as a fire or storms the policy will cover all or part of the repairs. An important aspect to keep in mind is that this policy will not cover damage to valuables that are inside the home or property.

Contents Insurance

Contents Insurance ensures that the valuables within the home are covered in the event that they are damaged or stolen. Examples of belongs that are covered include, furniture, electrical appliances and jewellery. Sometimes this insurance policy as referred to as ‘renters insurance’ as often taken out by renters.

Home and Contents Insurance

The home and contents insurance policy is the most comprehensive policy by combining both the home and contents insurance providing cover for the home and valuables within.

Landlord Insurance

The landlord insurance policy’s are designed to cover similar aspects to the home or building insurance policy, while also including specific risk aspects related to renting out a property.

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